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O.C. History Teacher Allegedly Posed as Girl Online to Lure Boys

May 10, 2013

Fred Thiagarajah

An Orange County high school history teacher and former baseball coach has been charged by the Orange County district attorney’s office with allegedly creating and posing as a blond girl on Facebook.  The purpose: to get underage boys to send him sexually charged photos and videos of themselves.

The Servite High School instructor, Zachary Joshua Reeder, 30, had allegedly maintained over 100 relationships with boys on Facebook.  These relationships included some students that Mr. Reeder had known through either teaching or coaching.  According to the Orange County District Attorney’s office, Mr. Reeder will be facing 60 felony charges at his arraignment.  His charges include violations of Penal Code section 288(a) — lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor, Penal Code section 288(c)(1) – lewd act upon a child of ages 14 or 15, Penal Code section 311.11(a) – possession of child pornography, Penal Code section 311.1(a) – distribution of obscene matter involving a minor engaging in sex, Penal Code section 288.2(a) – exhibition of lewd materials to a minor, Penal Code section 311.4(c) – using an underage person for obscene matter, and Penal Code section 288.3(a) – luring a child with intent to commit a specified crime.

Authorities claim that while teaching at the Servite High in Anaheim, Mr. Reeder created a Facebook page with the hope of luring in teenage boys and manipulating them to post sexually explicit photos and videos of themselves.  A spokesperson for the district attorney’s office said that the victims ranged from ages 14 to 17.  Interestingly, Mr. Reeder sought to establish relationships beyond the parameters of Servite by targeting students from Northwood, Canyon, and Beckman high school, some of them who had been former students and baseball players.

Mr. Reeder is being held on $1-million bail.  Prosecutors say that if convicted on all counts he may face upwards of 40 years in prison.

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