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Police Misconduct Leads to Death

February 16, 2018

Right Choice Law

Over the past weekend, three Milwaukee jail staff members were charged for the death on an inmate, Terrill Thomas, 38. Thomas had been found dead in his cell on April 6th, 2016. Thomas had suffered “profound dehydration” from the eight days he spend in solitary confinement. Prior to his death, Thomas suffered from bipolar disorder which caused him to have mental breakdowns. One of his mental break downs led him to flood his cell by shoving his mattress into his toilet. As punishment, Thomas was removed from his flooded cell and transferred to solitary confinement. As punishment, the jail commander, the jail deputy, and the supervisor collectively shut off Thomas’ water. However, the wrong choice they made was that they never turned his water back on or reported it in the jail records, so the next officer on duty could turn it back on. As a result, Thomas was killed from dehydration. (For the full article please read HERE).

Now, the three people: Nancy Lee Evans (Jail Commander), James Lee Ramsey-Guy (Jail deputy), and Kashka Meadors (Supervisor) are all being charged for this homicide. Both Meadors and Ramsey-Guy are being charged with neglect of a resident of a penal facility (Class I felony). If convicted under Penal Code: 940.29 (Wisconsin State Legislature), this could lead possibly to three years of prison time. On the other hand, Evans is being charged with felony misconduct and misdemeanor of obstructing an office. If convicted for the felony, Penal code: 946.12, and misdemeanor, Penal code: 946.41, (Wisconsin State Legislature) this could lead to about four years of prison time.

Based on the facts of this case, the situation is looking really bad for Meadors and Ramsey-Guy. They both were directly involved and took part in the actions that ended Thomas’ life. The carelessness and ignorant mistake made by these two people will catch up with them. Moreover, Evans is also in a terrible situation. With her purposefully mishandling the video evidence and giving false statements to the police, she too, will have a difficult case ahead of her. Although, these three people are going to have an interesting few months with this case, four other individuals have not yet been reported for their interactions regarding the homicide. As this case continues to unravel, more people are going to be responsible for the death of Terrill Thomas. In a nation where more police misconduct is surfacing, and controversial footage is being shown of officers on duty, this case is a simple example of ignorance.  These three individual clearly made the wrong choice, make the right choice and visit our website HERE.


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