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LAPD Officer DUI

May 4, 2018

Right Choice Law

In late April of 2018, an LAPD officer named Edgar Verduzco, 27 was involved in a fatal DUI crash on the 605 Freeway. According to the Los Angeles Times, Verduzco was at a friend’s home in Long Beach; on the way home, he was involved in a three-way accident along the carpool lane. The aftermath violently ended the three occupants in his car, Mario Davila, 60, his wife Maribel Davila, 52, and their son Oscar Davila, 19. To read more on the story, click HERE.

Looking into this case, Verduzco is looking at so many different possible charges. From DUI to murder to even manslaughter, this case is not favorable at all for him. Based on the fact that Verduzco was acting negligently, he could be facing charges under Penal Code 187. According to California Legislative Information, this penal code refers to murder. Verduzco is facing three counts of murder and if he is found guilty of all charges, he will be facing life imprisonment. Typically, murder charges include around 25 years to life sentencing; in this case, Verduzco is facing three. To Learn more about Penal Code 187, click HERE.

With a 6.1-million-dollar bond set and three murder charges, life for this newly relived LAPD officer is going to get much worse. Drinking and driving can truly ruin a person’s life in the worse possible way. Killing your own family as well as dealing with the legal system is definitely a lose-lose situation. In terms of winning, make the right choice and visit our website by clicking HERE.


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