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  • Fred is the real deal
    Fred is the real deal. He is honest, compassionate, experienced, classy, poised, genuine, honest, and the list can go on. He is straight to the point. No BS. I immediately felt safe with Fred, and put my trust in him after our consultation. My gut feeling is always right, and after meeting with Fred I knew I found the man for the job. I was accused of something completely false, but the reason it was so important to me was the fact I am a Nurse, and if I was accused of this crime I would of lost my Nursing License. Fred protected my Nursing License as if it was his own California Bar License. Hire Fred, and you won’t be disappointed. You get what you pay for. And Fred is Five star! And last but not least, his assistants are extremely timely in their responses, and very sweet ladies.

    - Hannah Whiting

    Riverside, CA
  • Best decision I’ve ever made
    I recently made a mistake and landed me with a felony DUI. Everyone else I went to told me prison or jail time. Fred and the team made it possible for me to get my life together and reduced it to a misdemeanor with NO jail time. I really am so thankful!

    - Eric C.

    Hatfield, PA
  • Review
    Mr. Fred Thiagarajah is by far the most competent lawyer that I have worked with. I have been working with him for about 7 years regarding several legal issues. Fred is very thorough and unlike most lawyers who instill fear on already panicked clients. Fred does the exact opposite, he talks to you with empathy and genuine concern, he promises the best case scenario and actually delivers it. He is very thorough and quick to respond which is very helpful. His office is very thorough and also responds very quickly to emails. He has a highly competent team who know what they're doing. I would recommend Fred to any of my loved ones and anybody. Fred is truly the best lawyer!!!!

    - Pinky Lakhani

    Woodland Hills, CA
  • Top Rate Service
    Fred helped me by getting my probation terminated, huge thanks!

    - Dave

    Orange County, CA
  • Honest, Informative, Integrity
    I hired Fred Thiagarajah to get some legal work resolved, ot was more than a pleasure to work with him and have him represent me. He himself, his staff, an associated were EXTREMELY Responsive and attentative to me prior, during, and through He was most of all, honest and GENUINE. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone for his services. HE GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND, and will retain him for future needs of representation, and if you need representation yourself, Fred is your guy. Thank You Fred!

    - Joe Ontiveros

    Anaheim, CA
  • I can’t think Fred and his team enough!
    This might’ve been one of the most efficient and painless transactions I’ve ever done. I had a phone call within a few hours of submitting my request, a direct email from Fred the following day, and a several-months-long expungement process was done in a matter of I think three weeks. I can’t think Fred and his team enough for being so on the ball and just making it happen!

    - WL

    Menifee, CA
  • I'm so glad I made the right choice.
    Several years ago, I was unfairly convicted of a crime I didn't commit. I recently hired Fred Thiagarajah to clear up my criminal record with a petition for a certificate of rehabilitation. Fred filed the petition in court and the prosecutor's office opposed our request. We had to go to court several times to argue the matter and ultimately we lost. I was disappointed but Fred told me the judge was wrong and that the law was on our side. He said he wanted to re-file the motion and re-argue the matter and he said he wouldn't charge me to do it again. I was amazed that my attorney would try again for free but that's exactly what he did. The next time we appeared in court, Fred argued the matter again and pointed out why he thought the judge was wrong. The judge said he would reconsider the matter and today, Fred told me the good news - that the judge changed his mind and granted my petition! I am so grateful for Fred and his staff, who never gave up fighting for me. Fred is not only a fantastic lawyer, he is also a fantastic person, who cares deeply about his clients."

    - L.

    San Bernardino, CA
  • A clean, professional and knowledgable attorney
    I had a DUI case and hired Fred Thiagarajah to help me in my DUI case. He and his staff were very responsive and helpful, always answering my questions. He was available to answer my concerns straight to the point and was aware of my immigration consequences. He took the steps necessary to protect me. I eventually got a good deal on the case and really appreciate Fred's hard work.

    - Suman

    San Francisco, CA
  • Top Notch Counsel
    Fred was referred to me by a friend and it was definitely the right choice. I was accused of DV recently. Of the attorneys I spoke with, Fred was the most methodical and frankly confident that we would receive a positive outcome. He was absolutely right. This being my first time arrested for such an offense my head was spinning with the 'what if's'. Fred was excellent at explaining what can happen, what is likely to happen, and what it all means. This includes the fee structure, let's face it, this is an important component in the process. I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Fred Thiagarajah. I would absolutely call him again if needed.

    - BW

    Long Beach, CA
  • Exemplary in his diligence, determination of correct strategy, and delivered excellent value.
    Fred has assisted me and our family on a number of matters since Sept. 2007, and in each instance has been exemplary in his diligence, determination of correct strategy, and delivered excellent value. One of Fred's distinct strengths is that he is a good listener ... processes all requisite input, and then offers a comprehensive approach to a solution.

    - Dolliver

  • Do yourself a good service, make The Right Choice and hire this law firm to represent you.
    Dear reader, we obviously have something in common...a past mistake or mistakes that resulted in a criminal record. When I reached a point of accountability and responsibility I sought to hire an attorney whom would assist my endeavors to have my record expunged. I reviewed two separate lawers, one being Mr. Thiagarajah. I decided to hire an attorney closer to me out of traveling convenience. After years of attempts and high expense, it was repeated failure. Discouraged, I began to reconsider my initial choice between lawyers. Determined to succeed in the next step to rebuilding my life, I reached out to Mr. Thiagarajah. During a consultation he reviewed my case details and agreed to represent me before the court for a very reasonable fee. I can't convey with words the feeling of confidence I had in Mr. Thiagarajah and his knowledge of the legal judicial system from just one consultation. I knew this was the law firm to represent me. I hired this attorney to handle my cases. Mr. Thiagarajah and his legal assistant maintained contact and correspondence via email, advising, educating and notifying me of every detail involving my cases. In 2016 through the expertise in his field and Mr. Thiagarajah's diligent efforts, the court expunged my felony. This was a great victory and obstacle removed from my road to rehabilitation and reintegration into society as a law abiding working class citizen. However, the court decided not to expunge a misdemeanor I was convicted of 24 years ago. Mr. Thiagarajah and his legal assistant advised me to wait a year to present my petition to the court once again. This month of November 2017 Mr. Thiagarajah represented me before the court once more and I was awarded the 24 year old misdemeanor being expunged. This law firm backs its slogan. They are experts in their field, knowledgeable and understanding of law and the judicial system. They are professional, attentive to detail and care about the outcome of their efforts. I would highly recommend Mr. Thiagarajah to anyone seeking legal council that strives for success and epitomizes their positive reputation. I'm beyond happy and extremely grateful to Mr. Thiagarajah and his legal assistant for all of their efforts to assist me in having my felony expunged and a 24 year old misdemeanor expunged. The second time around I made the right choice. Do yourself a good service, make The Right Choice and hire this law firm to represent you.

    - Former Client

  • I would recommend Fred to anyone and everyone in a tough spot.
    Calling Mr. Fred Thiagarajah was a great decision! I made a horrible mistake one afternoon and as a result I was later arrested for Felony DUI with great bodily injury. I was looking at real prison time. I consulted with many attorneys, all told me the odds were stacked against me and all gave me the impression that prison time was inevitable. I ended up making an economical decision and hired an attorney close to my home. After talking to friends and family, I came to understand it would be in my very best interest to invest in a "great attorney" as the charges against me are serious and are going to affect the rest of my life. So I did my homework, I researched and I researched and I found Mr Fred Thiagarajah! I met with Mr Fred Thiagarajah soon after and he provided hope. He made me feel my life was not lost and told me it's going to be tough but he assured me all is not doomed. I got my money back form the other attorney and retained Fred. Yes, Fred cost more but was worth every penny. I would recommend Fred to anyone and everyone in a tough spot. After a long year of worrying, my case has been resolved. I will not be doing any jail time! The fines I must pay are minimal! I am more than pleased with Fred and his entire staff! They were always available to answer my questions and always addressed all my concerns.
    I made a huge mistake! I will never make a mistake similar again..
    I was truly blessed!

    - David

  • They are very knowledgeable and comfortable to work with.
    It was the best decision I have ever made that I contacted and retained Fred as the defense attorney for my son’s case. My son was recently involved in a DUI car accident and charged with two felonies plus imprisonment.
    Fred and his partner Ryan have successfully defended my son by dropping the charges to a much minor offense with no jail time. They are very knowledgeable and comfortable to work with. Having them to defend my son’s case made our family felt at ease at that most vulnerable moment.
    I will definitely recommend Fred, at The Right Choice Law office, if you are looking for the right choice of legal representation to stay on top of your case.

    - Mike

  • Over all best lawyer choose him if your in trouble.
    Fred was such a good help when it came to my case I was facing 2 years in jail for probation violation and false identification given to a police officer. Fred helped me out tremendously by getting me 9 months of house arrest instead this was the best possible outcome I was looking for he also cares about his clients and is easy to get a hold of. He’s willing to work with you depending on your financial situation. Over all best lawyer choose him if your in trouble.

    - Former Client

  • Professional and caring!
    I am so thankful for the fantastic job Fred did in representing my daughter for a second dui charge, during probation for a previous one. She was facing serious charges and possible lengthy jail time. Her felony was reduced to a misdemeanor and she was able to come home to her family. The staff in his office were so friendly and always there for us when we had questions or concerns. Professional and caring! Thank you Fred, and everyone in his office.

    - Shevone

  • I am so thankful I hired Mr. T. for my case!
    Mr. Thiagarajah and his team did a wonderful job on my DUI case. First, they always kept me informed and always responded to my calls. His staff is so friendly - they make you feel like family. Second, they got a great result for me. What I really liked is that they went back to court on my case multiple times to keep fighting for a better offer and they listened to what I wanted and made sure that my goals were met. I am so thankful I hired Mr. T. for my case!

    - Patel

  • Today, life is good. Thanks Fred.
    Fred fought my DUI case (3rd DUI) in OC that occurred while on probation in LA county and Orange county. Fred was referred to us by a family friend. This family friend happened to be a DA in LA county. I've had a lot of pretty unresponsive attorneys. Fred and his staff were there to always answer my questions. I can tell Fred was very proactive in trying to get the best possible outcome because he asked me to get letters and do certain things to help my case. Despite being on probation in two counties, with other past convictions as well - I only ended up spending 5 hours in jail and some house arrest along with a court program. I took the court program upon the recommendation of Fred. He helped not only with court but helped me realize I should take this program if I really wanted to live a better life. Today, life is good. Thanks Fred

    - V.P.

  • Thank you for making the rest of my life a lot more peaceful.
    What words can I possibly use to say what is in my heart right now.
    You are a wonderful person and a terrific attorney.
    Thank you for all your effort, kindness and knowledge of the law
    Thank you for having represented me and for having made this process so easy and painless.
    Thank you for making the rest of my life a lot more peaceful.
    Keep up with the good work.

    - Former Client

  • He saved my professional career. I am SO thankful that I was represented by Fred.
    I was referred to Fred, and it really was the best decision to go with him. I 110% recommend Fred. Fred is stellar. He is kind and respectful, but don't be fooled, if needed he will be assertive in the courtroom. It was my first time getting involved in the criminal justice system and I was being falsely accused. I was confused by the legal process and overwhelmed by my situation. Fred went above and beyond and took care of everything. When I was anxious, he took the time to explain things to me. He responds quickly to calls and emails; he breaks down confusing legal language; he will go above and beyond to fight for you. He is simply stellar, and it is no wonder that he is the recipient of many awards. In the end, my hearing only lasted 20 minutes because Fred knew what questions to ask; Fred made it clear to the judge that I was falsely accused. He saved my professional career. I am SO thankful that I was represented by Fred. I highly recommend him.

    - Former Client

  • I highly recommend him if you need someone who is going to make you feel like a friend and not just a client.
    Fred was really great when I consulted with him. We played a little bit of phone tag when I first called, but he ended up calling me in the evening while he was home making dinner! He took the time to hear what I had going on, he took the time to brainstorm ideas and angles, and he took the time to discuss with me my expectations and possible outcomes. We met one more time in person and discussed my case at length. Again he was kind and extremely helpful. He really takes the time and explains things very well for his clients. I highly recommend him if you need someone who is going to make you feel like a friend and not just a client. Some attorneys that I spoke to don't even really take the time to truly understand what you have going on. They only care about the facts (which I get), but not the person dealing with the difficult problem. You don't get that feeling with Fred.

    - Kenny