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Rookie RB Cut from Pittsburgh Steelers Do To Battery Charge

January 21, 2013


Pittsburgh Steelers rookie running back Chris Rainey, 24, was cut from the team due to an arrest following a battery charge in Gainesville, Florida.  The incident was one of a string of off-the-field incidents that have come to endanger the young running back’s career and future in the NFL.  Rainey was charged by the Gainesville police with a single count of misdemeanor simple battery after engaging in an argument with his girlfriend.  Via a news release, Gainesville police claimed that the two were fighting over Rainey’s cell phone.  Consequently, police claimed that when his girlfriend attempted to enter a vehicle, Rainey, tried to pull her out.  Eyewitnesses reported that Rainey then proceeded to slap his girlfriend across the face and then chase her when she ran away with his cell phone in her purse.

Rainey, a fifth round pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, was waived by the Steelers moments after they were made aware of his arrest.  “Chris Rainey’s actions this morning were extremely disappointing,” general manager Kevin Colbert said. “Under the circumstances and due to this conduct, Chris will no longer be a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.”  While Rainey was not one of the Steelers’ team he was instrumental on special teams as he averaged 26.5 yards on 39 kickoff returns this past season.  Rainey’s agent, Joel Segal, failed to return a phone call for comment on his client’s behavior and future.

A noteworthy fact is that the latest arrest was not the first for Rainey.  He was arrested in 2010 and charged with aggravated stalking, a third degree felony, for supposedly sending a former girlfriend a text message that read, “Time to die…”

Rainey’s case is of interest due to the recent drastic “off-the-field” incidents that have taken place e.g., the suicide of Jovan Belcher after he killed his girlfriend and the suicide of long time San Diego Charger Juniour Seau.

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The crime that Rainey would be facing would be Penal Code section 243(e)(1), which is domestic violence without injury, if it occurred in Orange County.  Whenever a person commits a battery on another person that was either previously involved or currently involved in a romantic relationship with the defendant, then the defendant is committing domestic violence in Orange County.  For a more detailed explanation of domestic violence in Orange County or any part of California, please visit out website.


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