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Husband Of Montobello Mayor Charged With Drug Dealing

November 21, 2013

Fred Thiagarajah

Ruben Guerrero, husband of Montebello Mayor Christina Cortez, is charged for the sale of Methamphetamine near a school. Guerrero is set to be arraigned on Monday, Oct 21st, after posting $60,000 dollar bail. Law enforcement has been investigating the case for nearly a month, as they had gotten information that Guerrero has been dealing Meth out of his house at the nearby Montebello Intermediate School. Elected official Cortez expressed that she was deeply shocked and disappointed by her husbands actions, and that these events will not change her course in educating people about the harmfulness of drugs. Guerrero has faced the law before, in 1999 being charged with a DUI.  Also, arson investigators looked into a suspicious fire that burned Cortez’s Chevrolet Suburban, on Sept 28, 2012. Cortez claimed that the car was used by her husband Guerrero.

This investigation is being handled by the Montebello Sheriff department. For the full article click here.

Ruben Guerrero has clearly been watching too many episodes of Breaking Bad.  Guerrero could be charged with violations of Health and Safety Code section 11351 which includes possession of methamphetamine for sale, as well as enhancements under Health and Safety Code section 11353.6, which prohibits drugs sales within a 1000 feet of schools.  Health and Safety Code section 11353.6 is also known as the Juvenile Drug Trafficking and Schoolyard Act of 1988.  Possession of meth for sale carries a penalty of two, three or four years in prison, subject to Penal Code section 1170(h).  Selling meth within a 1000 feet of a school enhances the underlying penalty and adds on an additional three, four or five years state prison.


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