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Cockfight Trainer Killed by Rooster

June 20, 2014

Jon Clark

I do not celebrate the death of any person but, I do see some ironic justice in this case.

Jose Luis Ochoa, the roaster’s trainer, is known to frequent the local cockfighting rings. Ochoa has been arrested once before for, “owning or training an animal for fighting.” Ochoa suffered an injury and bled out when his rooster sliced his calf with the steel razor blade that is attached to the bird’s leg. (For the full article please read HERE).

If Jose Ochoa would of been convicted again and not killed by his own rooster, he would of faced a felony 597(b)(c). A second offense can carry up to 16 months in state prison and $25,000 in fines. All forms of animal fighting and cruelty are no joke and are illegal. Even being caught watching a fight can lead to fines and imprisonment. So stay away, it is not only the right thing and legal thing but, apparently the safe thing to do.


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