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Dodgers Pitcher, Julio Urias, Arrested on Suspicion of Domestic Violence

May 17, 2019

Megan Brackemyer

Dodgers pitcher, Julio Urias was arrested and has been removed from the team’s roster by the MLB, following an incident at the Beverly Center on Monday night, May 13th. Urias could face a suspension by MLB after he was briefly jailed on suspicion of misdemeanor domestic battery. Police were called to the Beverly Center at approximately 7:30 Monday night.

Urias posted $20,000 bail and was released at 1:30 am, Tuesday. The MLB has placed Urias on administrative leave while it investigates the incident involving a woman believed to be Urias’ girlfriend. There could be multiple videos of the incident, some taken by witnesses, others taken by security cameras, that will become part of the investigation. Unfortunately, no details have been released by the Los Angeles Police Department. In a statement released Tuesday morning, the Dodger stated, “We learned about the alleged incident this morning and are in the process of gathering information. As a result, we have no comment at this time regarding the incident.

However, every allegation of domestic violence must be taken seriously and addressed promptly, and we will cooperate fully with the authorities and Major League Baseball to ensure that that happens in this case.” Players placed on administrative leave by MLB are paid but do not count against their team’s roster. The leave is technically for “up to seven days” but can be extended if the investigation is still ongoing.

While he is on the restricted list, Urias cannot participate in any public workouts with the Dodgers and the team is precluded from conducting any investigation of its own, putting the matter entirely in MLB’s hands. At any point, the commissioner’s office can re-instate Urias or announce a suspension. Since developing a domestic violence policy in conjunction with the players’ union in 2015, MLB has come down hard on violators.

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