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Domestic Violence: A Vicious Circle

March 16, 2021

Fred Thiagarajah

Domestic violence has always been a very common form of crime. With Covid-19 and stay-at-home orders put in place, the prevalence of domestic violence has only increased. There are a number of famous individuals who have been charged with a domestic violence-related crime. Some names that come to mind, that you probably already know are Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather, Ray Rice, Charlie Sheen, and so many more. Marilyn Manson is now facing multiple domestic violence and sexual abuse allegations by multiple women. The LA county sheriff’s department is currently pursuing an investigation on Manson for those allegations. Although the allegations supposedly took place between 2009 and 2011, the sheriff’s department continues to take this matter very seriously.

Domestic violence, in the eyes of law enforcement, is a very serious crime, and they will seek to arrest the perpetrator and will try to convince the victim to accept a temporary restraining order if they are called to the scene at the time of the incident. Domestic violence can be looked at as a cycle of violence. The abuse will occur, with the abuser promising to never harm the victim again, and for a variety of reasons, the victim will forgive them and continue to be with them, only for the abuse to continue again, often escalating with each incident. District attorneys are aware that the victims may lie about the circumstances to avoid having charges filed against their abuser, but this doesn’t prevent them from pressing charges because they know this cycle of violence will just continue. The question for Marilyn Manson’s case is if there is enough evidence to prosecute. The details of the investigation are unknown, but this isn’t the first time Manson has been under investigation for domestic violence and sexual abuse. An investigation was conducted for allegations that dated back to 2011, but in 2018 the LA district attorney declined to file charges due to insufficient evidence.

Obviously, Manson has denied all of the accusations against him, but only time will tell on what will happen with this potential case as the investigation continues. Domestic violence can be a very complicated matter. There are numerous different charges and enhancements that can apply to domestic violence, and if a restraining order is placed against the perpetrator, that can complicate the case even further. It’s extremely important to make the right choice when hiring an attorney for your case.

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