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Former Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Falsifying DUI Reports

May 6, 2013

Fred Thiagarajah

A former Sacramento Police officer who is being accused of filing false DUI reports, which caused cases to be thrown out, has finally pled no contest after two years since charges were filed.

Two years ago the Sacramento County District Attorney Office filed four felony charges against 27-year-old Brandon Mullock.  Mr. Mullock was charges with the following: one count of perjury, three counts of filing false police reports.  SacramentoCountyDA’s office spokesperson Shelly Orio said that during their investigation authorities in collaboration with the DA’s office found that Mr. Mullock had lied about DUI suspects refusing to do field sobriety tests, staggering or slurring their speech, and suspects making incriminating statements about being drunk.

A month after Mr. Mullock resigned from the police department in 2010, the district attorney had to drop 79 cases that were written by Mr. Mullock after discovering inaccuracies in his reports.

While he was cited in 23 different cases, where he was charged with 33 counts of perjury and filing false reports Orio said that as part of Mr. Mullock’s agreement with the court he has pled no contest to four felony counts.

Mullock’s sentencing is scheduled for April 19.

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