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Authorities Arrest Bank Robber for Allegedly Robbing Same Bank Four Times

May 7, 2013

Fred Thiagarajah

The Los Alamitos Police Department has arrested 41-year-old Keith Alonzo Smith Sr. on suspicion of robbing the US Bank Branch at 10942   Pine Street.  Officials have alleged that Mr. Smith, who has been nicknamed by the FBI the “5K Bandit” has robbed the same bank multiple times throughout the years.  Authorities claim that the first robbery of the US Bank occurred in June of 2011, which later led to the another robbery in June 2012, followed by September of 2012, and most recently in April of 2013.

Police said they received a call from a bank teller claiming that a suspect that fit the description of the 5k Bandit had entered the bank.  Moments later, a heavy-set African American male in his 40s, wearing a black baseball hat, black sweatshirt, dark sunglasses, and a surgical mask, proceeded to show the teller a knife and demand money.

Immediately following the robbery, the suspect walked out of the bank and left on foot.  According to Los Alamitos Police Department Captain Bruce McAlpine, authorities did not have a vehicle description to go off of.  However, an officer who was on patrol monitoring traffic nearby managed to spot a person that fit the description of the robber driving a gray 2009 Dodge Charger.  Authorities claim that when the officer attempted to pursue Mr. Smith, he accelerated and lost control of his vehicle and crashed into an embankment.

Mr. Smith then continued to evade police by attempting to escape by foot, but was eventually caught by the officer.  Although a struggle ensued, while the officer waited for backup, both the officer and Mr. Smith only suffered minor abrasions.  Officials stated that in the previous robberies the bank had lost around $5000, however, they do not have a set amount of how much money was taken from the bank during the latest incident. Currently Mr. Smith is being held at the Orange County Jail in Santa   Ana, after being arrested on suspicion of armed robbery.

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