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Ex-Glee Star Charged with Domestic Battery

November 27, 2017

Fred Thiagarajah

Naya Rivera, former star of “Glee”, was arrested in West Virginia on Saturday, November 25th, for domestic battery against her husband.  Rivera was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery following an altercation with her husband where she is accused of hitting her husband in the head and bottom lip while they were taking their child for a walk.

In California, misdemeanor domestic violence can involve an injury (Penal Code section 273.5) or no injury (Penal Code section 243(e)(1)).  If a person is charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, there a variety of consequences that can occur, including a restraining order being placed on the assailant, separating him or her from the alleged victim and possibly their children.  Visit our website to learn more about domestic violence in California.

To learn more about Naya Rivera’s case, click here.


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