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Butcher Knife Murder

April 20, 2018

Right Choice Law

fact, have the audacity to commit such a heinous crime. This exact crime took place on Marc 30th in San Juan Capistrano. The criminals name is Yihong Peng, 30, related to the young, aspiring Esports athlete, Yiliang Peter “Doublelift” Peng, 24, has been accused of murdering his own mother. The full story can be read HERE.

On that gloomy Friday, Peng attacked three people: his mother, his father, and a nearby bystander. When a confrontation broke out at the Peng residence, Yihong Peng grabbed a butcher knife and chased his parents onto the street in front of their house. Wei Ping Shen (Mother), 59, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime. The father was seen to have tremendous ruptures from knife wounds and has been in critical condition since. After attacking his parents, Yihong Peng attempted to steal a nearby car. In doing so, he attacked the bystander leaving several cuts. Both the bystander and the father are projected to survive.

Peng is now being charged with murder, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted carjacking as well as two attempted murder charges. According to the California Law, a conviction of first-degree murder can lead to 25 years to life. However, with using a deadly weapon, trying to steal a car, as well as attempting murder on two other people; Yihong Peng is looking at 44 years to life if convicted of all charges. The scary and sad truth is, all evidence does point towards him, so this case is not favorable for him.

Peng made the wrong choice with his horrendous mistakes and criminal mindset in the murder.

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