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LA Prosecutor Booked on Investigation of Causing Injury While Driving Under the Influence

September 17, 2018

Anna Saltarelli

In LA, a driver was caught drinking from a bottle of vodka after rear-ending an SUV carrying a radio personality. The driver was identified as 54 year old Michael Kenneth Petterson, a prosecutor for the LA county District Attorney’s office. Petterson was arrested at the scene of the Calabasas, CA, crash in August and booked for investigation of causing injury while driving under the influence – a felony. He also had 3 warrants. For more information on felony DUI, please click here.

The aftermath of the crash, which was caught on video, shows the SUV that was carrying radio DJ Big Boy, as well as the suspect in a crumpled BMW 3 series coupe. The suspect was seen taking a swig from a bottle and screwing on its top. Later, when the sheriff’s deputy attempted to take the man to his police vehicle, the suspect’s pants fell down around his ankles and the suspect stumbled to the ground.

DJ Big Boy and his companion told police that the suspect admitted to drinking after they walked over to his BMW after the collision. They also told reporters that they saw the suspect drinking from a vodka bottle.

The CA State Bar lists Petterson as an attorney with the DA’s office but because of his failure to pay member fees, his license has been inactive since last year. The DJ and a colleague were reportedly stopped at a red light when they felt the sudden impact of the BMW. Apparently, no serious injuries were reported and both victims walked away from the scene.


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