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Newport Beach Surgeon Charged with Drugging, Raping Women

September 24, 2018

Anna Saltarelli

A Newport Beach surgeon who once appeared on a Bravo reality TV dating show has been charged with drugging and raping two women. Police have reason to believe there could be thousands of more victims.

In April of 2016, Doctor Grant Robicheaux, a 38-year-old orthopedic surgeon in Orange County, and a female friend of his were accused of taking a 32-year-old woman they met at a Newport Beach restaurant to a party then escorting her back to his home where she was drugged and raped. The victim reported the assault the next day and tested positive for multiple drugs.

The couple were also accused just a few months later of sexually assaulting a woman they met at a Newport Beach bar. Allegedly, the couple drank with the victim until she became unconscious and then they sexually assaulted her at Robicheaux’s home with the intent to rape her. A neighbor called the Newport Beach Police Department after hearing the victim scream after gaining consciousness.

Grant Robicheaux and Cerissa Riley were charged on September 11 with rape by use of drugs, oral copulation by anesthesia or controlled substance, assault with the intent to commit sexual offense and possession of a controlled substance for sale.  They are set to be arraigned on October 25.

Investigators have released information in the case to the public as they are currently looking for additional victims. Investigators have also seized thousands of videos and images founds in Robicheaux’s phone. Orange County District attorney, Tony Rackauckas, mentioned “the women in the videos appear to be highly intoxicated, beyond the ability to consent or resist.” For more information on rape and what constitutes consent, click here.

According to the district attorney’s office, police found illegal assault rifles and large quantities of illegal drugs while doing a search of Robicheaux’s home.

Attorneys representing Robicheaux and Riley said in a statement to NBC Los Angeles that “all allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied” by the accused.

Attorneys Philip Cohen and Scott Borthwick also state that “Dr. Robicheaux and Ms. Riley believe that such allegations do a disservice to, and dangerously undermine, the true victims of sexual assault, and they are eager to have a proper spotlight shed on this case in a public trial.”


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