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OC Underwear Bandit Arrested After Leaving DNA While Watching Porn on Victim’s Laptop

October 29, 2018

Anna Saltarelli

In southern CA, 19-year-old Jonathan Ruiz was arrested in Orange after four college students reported leaving their home in Orange to attend an event on October 4. After returning to their home, the women found their house ransacked with their underwear strewn throughout.

Ruiz is being accused of breaking into their home and rifling through the women’s belongings, as well as using a laptop belonging to one of the victims to download personal images of the victim and browse pornography sites.

Semen was later found on the victim’s laptop. Also, Ruiz allegedly drank milk and ate cookies belonging to the victim’s fridge, before leaving the residence.

Investigators responded to the home after the victims reported the crime to police.  Police swapped multiple items for DNA at the residence, including the semen left on the victim’s laptop. After submitting the swabs to OC’s Rapid DNA Program, a match was made to Ruiz. Ruiz’s DNA was submitted to law enforcement following a vandalism conviction last year.

Ruiz was arrested on Thursday and two pairs of underwear from the women were in his possession, as well as some other items. If convicted, he is facing more than 6 years in prison on residential burglary and vandalism charges. For more information on residential burglary, click here

Ruiz was released from custody on Wednesday after posting bond.


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